Studio Glass Movement

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The studio glass movement is a 20th-century art movement that emphasizes the artist as the designer and maker of one-of-a-kind objects, in a small studio environment. This movement enabled the sharing of technical knowledge and ideas among artists and designers that, in industry, would not be possible. The studio glass movement originated in the United […]

The Rising Value of Glass

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Habatat Galleries has specialized in glass sculpture since the early 1970’s. The gallery opened in 1971 and just a few years later decided to specialize in glass sculpture to help promote the new “Studio Glass Movement”. Glass sculpture, up until the rise of the Studio Glass Movement in the United States in the 1960’s, was […]

Dan Dailey Sculpture

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Dan Dailey sculpture. His legacy has spanned over 40 years. He first had an appreciation for the medium, while helping construct a ceramic and glass studio at the Philadelphia College of Art, with Roland Jahn who was a teacher there. Dailey went on to become Dale Chihuly’s first graduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design. […]

Dale Chihuly Glass

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Going back to the beginning of the studio glass movement in the United States, Dale Chihuly would be a great place to start. No stranger to the spotlight, Chihuly has surpassed and perfected what it means to be a successful artist. He has pioneered his way into a household name, one glass gather at a […]

The Work of Latchezar Boyadjiev

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When discussing Czech glass, it is impossible not to think of the work of Latchezar Boyadjiev. For decades we have been mesmerized by Boyadjiev’s work, and wondered just how this artist keeps wowing glass enthusiasts & gallerists alike. The answer is an undeniable talent, and an artistic vision that we could only hope to catch […]

Czech Glass

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Ahhh the beauty of Czech glass. Whether it is cast or cold worked glass, nothing says elegance like the sharp, clean lines by these masters of their craft. From the original cast glass masters, Stanislav Libensky / Jaroslava Brychtova and Petr Hora, to the work of proteges such as Vladimira Klumpar; cast glass has been […]

Secondary Market

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Habatat Galleries can help you sell your collection on the secondary market. We ask that you send us a professional photo, dimensions and the year the piece was made. We will then help you set an asking price. Once we find a buyer and you agree to sell your piece, we take 25% of the […]

Fifty Year Anniversary

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It has been a long wonderful journey!  Habatat Galleries will celebrate our fifty year anniversary this coming January. Thomas Boone, Linda Boone & Ferd Hampson came together in 1971 to open what was at first, a general fine arts gallery. A few years later they decided to completely focus on a very new movement sweeping […]