Peter Botos sculptures are made from high purity optical glass blocks by so-called cold machining technologies (cutting, buffing, polishing, gluing), using the most advanced materials with one hundredth of a millimetre precision. Because of the special materials applied and the very precise technology, the size of the sculptures is limited.

Peter’s objective is to create a new spectacle and impressive visual enjoyment so far mostly unknown to the public, by deliberately using the physical and optical characteristics of glass.

Transparency and opacity, multiple reflections inside a sculpture and the resulting grids, colors which appear either in full length or only on the surface, the inner spaces of the sculpture and the outer spaces set into motion by them are all important elements of Peter’s sculptures.

Peter Botos has been focusing recently on considering the relationship between directed lights and sculptures as a system of lenses, in addition to showing movements and changes, and ‘filling up’ big spaces visually. These issues are influenced by the work of László Moholy-Nagy, György Kepes and Nicolas Schöffer.