Opening Friday, December 11th

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The exhibition will feature 50 artists in glass to help celebrate our 50th year anniversary!

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HABATAT GALLERIES is the oldest gallery to exhibit “Contemporary Glass.”

“Contemporary Glass” began with a seminar at the Toledo Museum in l962. In l971 Linda Boone, Thomas Boone and Ferdinand Hampson opened Habatat Galleries in Dearborn, Michigan. Their degrees/ backgrounds were in art, design and business. Their finances consisted of saving $3,500.00 and receiving a matching SBA loan.

Habatat began as a more traditional Fine Art Gallery; they had no particular interest in glass. Their criteria was that the art they showed was quality, innovative and exciting. The main focus was on painting, prints and sculpture, but also showed art mediums that weren’t as accepted at the time such as photography, clay, fiber, folk art, art furniture and the newly explored material – glass.

In l972, Habatat Galleries hosted the first Annual National (now International) Glass Invitational. The rest is history!